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Facilities (partial list)

Our lab has large work space (~100 sq. meters) and is very well equipped. Among our facilities:

  • Electrochemical scanning probe microscope (Molecular Imaging's PicoSPM™)

  • NSOM/SPM scan head assembly (Nanonics Imaging's MultiView 1000)

  • Potentiostats/galvanostats, including for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and electrochemical hydrogen permeation tests (Bio-Logic SAS' VSP and SP-300, EG&G 263A)

  • Rotating disk electrode (Pine Research Instrumentation, Inc., Modulated Speed Rotator (MSR))

  • UV/VIS Spectrometer (Bio-Logic SAS' SEC2000)

  • Electrochemistry Lab System (Keithley's 2450-EC)

  • Dedicated software: CorrWare/CorrView (ver. 2.6b, Scribner Associates), PHREEQC geochemical computer program

  • A variety of electrochemical cell kits (including Devanathan-Stachurski cell, flat cells and paint cell kit)

  • High-temperature furnace (Nabertherm's Supertherm HT04/17)

  • Bio-Ferrograph (Guilfoyle's 2100)

  • Light microscope (Olympus' IX71), equipped with ColorView II CCD camera and analySIS Docu software package (Soft Imaging System)

  • Grit blast machine (Carlo De Giorgi SandyPlus GD)

  • Electronic balances with density determination kits (Sartorius' Basic BA 210 S and Precisa ES225SM-DR)

  • Powder sieving system (Kurt Retsch Shaker AS200 basic)

  • Mechanical grinding & polishing machine (Jean Wirtz Phoenix 4000/2V)

  • Precise specimen holder for preparation of histological samples

  • Chemical and biological hoods (ADS Laminar)

In addition, we are routinely taking advantage (use per charge) of the following neighbor centers and labs:

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