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Recycled Paper

​Ongoing projects:

  • Development of novel electrochemically-deposited calcium phosphate coatings for dental and orthopedic implants. Coatings prepared in our lab have already demonstrated better performance than commercial plasma-sprayed coatings and are currently on the way to market.
    Check the Smart Bioactive Trabecular Coating (SBTC) sold by SGS Dental (

  • The use of Bio-Ferrography for diagnosing osteoarthritis or cancer, determining the efficacy of drug treatments, and monitoring the wear of artificial joints. Our lab is the leader in this area worldwide.

  • Additive manufacturing (AM): electrochemical printing, directed energy deposition (DED), and powder bed fusion (PBF).

  • Corrosion and mechanical behavior of as well as hydrogen interaction with additive manufactured (3D-printed) alloys.

  • Electrochemical deposition of functional metals, alloys and metallic glasses.

  • Shape memory polymers for Space applications.


Selected scientific and technological accomplishments of Prof. Eliaz can be found here


Applications are welcome from prospective candidates for graduate studies and post-doctorate positions.

Companies are invited to undertake collaborative research projects in the aforementioned (and related) areas and consultancy services.

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